At Ultimate Martial Arts-Lakeville, we are dedicated to providing the most COMPREHENSIVE, PRACTICAL AND ADVANCED Martial Arts instruction available in a FUN, SAFE, AND ENCOURAGING ENVIRONMENT. Students will recognize that they truly do have the potential to achieve what they had once not thought possible. We teach our students techniques which enable them to become a competent Martial Artist along with HONOR, LOYALTY, RESPECT AND DISCIPLINE- skills that will serve a lifetime!

Ultimate Martial Arts-Lakeville specializes in helping our students develop healthier minds and bodies through high quality and comprehensive professional karate instruction. We feel that having adequate capability to recognize, avoid and eliminate potential dangers and hazards to yourself and loved ones should be a priority for everyone. Our ultimate goal is to teach our students skills to demonstrate high-quality karate competencies as well as mentor them to become the best person they can be through strengthening personal determination and perseverance in the quest to master this ancient art. Since October 1, 2012, our highly trained Black Belt Instructors have been providing unmatched Karate instruction to students starting as young as 4 years of age in Lakeville, MN. Our one of a kind Self-Defense based Martial Arts curriculum traces its origins back to the teachings of Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee, the legendary Martial Artist who introduced Tae Kwon Do to the United States more than half a century ago. Our program was created by and is under the direction of a board of Ultimate Martial Arts Karate Masters. Proudly, in 2016, Ultimate Martial Arts-Lakeville was one of the very first Martial Arts Schools in the State of Minnesota to be accredited by karate legend, J. Pat Burleson and the World Martial Arts Ranking Association.


The physical benefits our students see from training with us will often jumpstart them down the path to an overall healthier lifestyle! There is not a fitness program out there that compares to the physical and mental benefits of Martial Arts training! Develop muscles, build strength, increase flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, muscle control, eye-hand coordination, muscle memory, functional strength, situational awareness, and strategic thinking all while learning indispensable Self-Defense skills. CONTACT US or call (952)-985-0742 to learn more!



We offer Family Classes, Bring a Friend Days, Tournament Preparation, Parade Opportunities, Demonstration Opportunities, Family Activities,  Share the Art School and Group Visits, and so much more! We have a roomy lobby for parents to watch classes with a table and quiet play area for siblings. We encourage families and friends to stay and watch classes to support students as they progress.

All Graduation ceremonies are free to attend!

You are invited to attend and support our students! Check the schedule for all in-house graduation dates. Our Advanced Graduations are held jointly with other local Ultimate Martial Arts schools on an annual basis. These cooperative Graduation Ceremonies reinforce our connection to a larger entity and gives each student their special time to shine and share their skills, once again, building the self-confidence and leadership skills that we work hard to impart on each of our students. It really is a wonderful addition to the Ultimate Martial Arts family values.


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