UMA Lakeville: J. Pat Burleson, W.M.A.R.A Certified

If you are studying the Martial Arts, especially Karate, and the names Jhoon Rhee and J. Pat Burleson don’t ring a bell, then you have some homework to do. I’m not asking you to learn every single detail about their lives, but you should understand who they are and that they are a huge part of America’s Karate history. I’ll give you the basics. 

10th Degree Black Belt Grand Master Jhoon Rhee began training in Tae Kwon Do as a teenager in South Korea. He moved to Texas in the 1950’s where he eventually started teaching his art. Jhoon Rhee holds the title of “Father of American Tae Kwon Do” because before his arrival to the United States, Tae Kwon Do had yet to be established in America. By the early 1960’s, Grand Master Rhee’s teachings were gaining attention, and his student base was growing. One of his students, and in fact his second black belt ever, is 10th Degree Black Belt Grand Master J. Pat Burleson. Grand Master Burleson has played a major role in the growth and development of Karate in America. His list of accomplishments as a Martial Artist is too long to list, as well as the number of students he has trained. 

I feel honored and privileged to be a student as well as an instructor with Ultimate Martial Arts. Our school has a direct lineage that goes back to the teachings of Grand Master Burleson and subsequently Grand Master Jhoon Rhee, himself. Grand Master Burleson holds a very high standard for his students, which is why I am extremely honored to be able to say that Ultimate Martial Arts-Lakeville is one of the very first schools in Minnesota to be J. Pat Burleson and World Martial Arts Ranking Association, W.M.A.R.A Certified. We are now recognized world wide by the most prestegious Marital Arts Association in the world which was founded by the early pioneers of American Marial Arts. 

We will continue to work hard in order to hold the rigorous standards that are expected by a great Martial Artist like Grand Master Burleson, and if you happen to be reading this, Grand Master Burleson, we hope to make you proud.  Check out the W.M.A.R.A  (World Martial Arts Ranking Association) if you are curious and wish to learn more!

Ultimate Martial Arts is hosting an event on Saturday, June 25 at 10:30 am at our Lakeville location to recognize our Approval from Grand Master J. Pat Burleson as an Accredited World Martial Arts Association (WMARA) School. We welcome Special Guest,  Master John Olson to present the certificate and lead the Dedication and unveiling of  our new Black Belt Wall.  Open to Public, EVERYONE is INVITED! 

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