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The UMA classroom is set up to allow students to train in a safe, positive, and supportive, environment. We strive to create an atmosphere that encourages our students of all ages to have fun while training and being active. Not only are Martial Arts techniques being learned, students are developing life-long skills as they train. UMA students benefit from improved skills that positively shape their well being in and out of our classroom including improved Physical Fitness, Balance, Coordination, Focus, Self-Confidence, Listening Skills, Discipline, Perseverance and Goal Setting. Our school motto, “MIGHT FOR RIGHT” reinforces a strong anti-bullying message. “MIGHT FOR RIGHT” means the skills learned at UMA are to be used for the “RIGHT” reasons only. This motto is consistently reinforced during each class by the instructor.

Our Ultimate Martial Arts Karate Masters have created a structured system of instruction with clear expectations for behavior to help our students develop Self-Discipline, Self-Control and Respect for both their instructors and classmates. Our established advancement system promotes Goal Setting by creating multiple small steps on the route to achieving a larger objective. Our instructors regularly reward a solid effort be it through verbal recognition or tangible rewards as the instructor sees fit. Students are regularly en- couraged to work hard and do their best at all times to achieve regular successes. In turn, their Positive Self-Image is reinforced and will carry over into other aspects of life including academic and social settings.