Management Team

Rich and Lori Gergen  


Raif, Kahlan, Peightan & Rhyse
not pictured, Janelle (Dan), Meghan (Josh)

The Gergen Family opened UMA-Lakeville in October 2012.

The four younger Gergen children have been involved with Ultimate Martial Arts in Stillwater, where the family resides, since 2010. The Gergen’s experience has been nothing but positive for each child from day one. The benefits for each of the four were clear, so when approached to open a new school, Rich and Lori decided they wanted nothing more than to share the advantages of the Ultimate Martial Arts curriculum with even more families in the Lakeville area. The curriculum is standard, but our instructors have an outstanding ability to meet each child where they are developmentally, yet not settle for less than each student’s best effort.  Proudly, since November 2015, we are a family with five Brown Belts!  Rich, Raif, Kahlan, Janelle, and her husband Dan, were presented with their Brown Belts at our Advanced Belt Graduation at the Minneapolis Convention Center!

The Gergen’s focus is to make UMA-Lakeville a top training center that is family friendly and produces fully trained Martial Artists.

Patrick and Amanda Childs

Maggie joined our UMA-Lakeville family in August 2016

Master Childs came on board as our Head Instructor in December 2012. He and Mrs. Childs became business partners with the Gergens in January 2015.

Master and Mrs. Childs have been involved with UMA Schools since the beginning, so they are the perfect fit for UMA Lakeville. They both share the innate passion for the Martial Arts, and have been dedicated to training through many stages of life which have benefited each of them with not only mental focus and competence, excellent physical fitness, and self-discipline, but unprecedented karate skill and expertise.

Master and Mrs. Childs are exceptional Martial Artists in every sense of the word. They are extremely dedicated to each and every student as well as our UMA Family as a whole, which leads to being excellent role models for our students. They share their knowledge effectively with students of all ages and work well together. Master Childs leads the classroom with his precise, focused and thorough teaching manner while Mrs. Childs efficiently manages the office and day to day operations as well as instructs our youngest students, the SuperKids.