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A variety of Specialty Classes are offered as students progress within our curriculum and wish to focus on a specific area or technique for an entire class period. Note that some Specialty Classes may require achieving a minimum belt level, approved equipment, or instructor invitation. Enrichment Forms is offered for students who wish to perfect every element of their karate technique concentrating on stance, basic form, and execution. Sparring Classes Sparring classes are offered to students who have earned their Green Belt or higher and have been approved by Mr. Childs. This class offers our students the opportunity to learn the practical application of Martial Arts skills in a controlled, safe, encouraging and enjoyable format. All students that wish to participate in these specialty classes must wear instructor approved safety equipment. Weapons Offered at Green Belt and above. This class is designed to introduce students to different martial arts weapons. The curriculum includes detailed techniques of four weapons, Bo staff, Nunchux, Kama and Bokken (sword). We provide basic classroom practice weapons for students to use in the classroom but encourage each student to purchase their own for at home practice and optimum performance. Extreme Martial Arts From cartwheels to flips, students at the level of Green Belt and above are invited to boost their tumbling skills. All skill levels are welcome. Many creative martial arts forms utilize tum- bling skills, so this class is invaluable, especially for the avid forms competitor. Pre-Test This class may be attended by Instructor Invitation, ONLY. Students who have met the requirements for the milestone of an Advanced Belt Graduation ceremony will be invited by their instructor to attend a pre-determined number of these rigorous classes. Class time focuses on developing a clear understanding of the Advanced Belt Graduation format and refining and perfecting Karate technique.

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