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Our SuperKid curriculum is designed especially for 4-5 year olds. Lessons are developed to challenge and encourage our SuperKids to succeed. Basic Karate skills are introduced and Fundamental Life Skills such as Listening, Respect, Cooperation, Self-Confidence, Self-Control, Balance and Coordination are reinforced in an age appropriate manner. Martial Arts Skills are introduced with a fun and safe approach to preparing students for our Juniors Program which then builds upon these basic competencies. Our SuperKids class has a structure that parallels our Traditional Karate programs in which students earn belts and each belt level has specific requirements for advancement. Student’s progress (skill proficiency) is tracked by colored stripes on their belt. Effort and expected behavior in the classroom is rewarded as the instructor sees fit either with verbal recognition, red stripes and/or stickers. When SuperKid students show proficiency of skill sets and demonstrate that they are ready to participate in the Junior Program, they will be transitioned into our traditional Junior Karate Program at the White Belt level. Our Superkids program is designed to make this a stress-free transition; the basic Karate skills that are taught will aid their success in the traditional karate classroom.

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